Approved Ban Appeal - [VU_T]Mody

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on: October 08, 2021, 06:00:08 pm
Ban Appeal - [VU_T]Mody

Ban date: 7 Oct 2021
Ban duration: 7 days
Ban issued by: KingAbde
Ban reason: Bug abuse reported by analizator
Justification: The wall cuff scenario didn't happen since 2018, and I haven't seen any scenario or a change about it since then, and as I said I've taken it as allowed since that scenario, the protip says use common sense in scenarios like that yes, but I mean, think about it, you were told that it's allowed before, yes a few years ago but in your knowledge it's allowed, and nothing has changed about it.. well until now, Anyways I apologize for the mistake I've done, I can guarantee you that I won't cuff anyone behind the walls anymore, since that I know now that it's not allowed anymore, my apologies once again, I hope you understand the situation I had, and give me another chance.
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Reply #1 on: October 08, 2021, 11:03:46 pm
Seeing as there have been no contemporary changes in the rule itself since Deadshot's validation, it does seem fair as to why you would keep on doing it. However, you still need to apply common sense in scenarios such as these. Like I previously stated, it's not possible for us to highlight and write down each and every bug/exploit and handicap in the game itself. You need to use your brain for a few things too.
What the video in which you were reported showed was clearly shady. There's no "excuse' for it. Despite that, I am willing to reduce your ban time to a total of 5 days so that you learn from your mistake and don't repeat it again. The next time you're reported for a similar scenario, you won't have it easy.

Ban time reduced.


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