Approved Ban Appeal - [ON]HunTinG

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on: October 04, 2021, 03:18:00 am
Ban Appeal - [ON]HunTinG

Ban date: 2 years ago i think
Ban duration: permanent
Ban issued by: Xmair
Ban reason: toxic
Justification: well hello.. i don't know how many of you are happy to see me here, but i thought i should try my luck and see what can be done.. i don't want to stay permanently banned for such a reason, because i don't like using hacks, and i don't like cheating at all..

i'm sorry for raising a volcano in the chat, and not only, i know that in past i did a lot of ban evades that contributed to me being banned so far, but that is cuz i wanted to play VCCNR when I had the chance, I can assure u that I'll tone down the chat for you guys, and also stick to the rules

i'm sorry for any other things i've did during my ban, i don't exactly remember everything that's happened, i played VCCNR so that i can enjoy when cops try to arrest me and fail at it..

so i'm asking for a chance with the promise i'll cool down text and instead raise gameplay stuff instead, I've already tried explaining to xmair, he changed his mind about clearing the banlist, i didn't even think my account on forum will be approved.. but then he said that I should apply here, so here I am trying an unban appeal.

ask me any questions below, because rn i don't know exactly remember everything i've done, if there's any
and no, I have never been involved in aurora usage in the server, or aimbot, or auto jump like many myths circle around..
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