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The Vice City Cops & Robbers - nicknamed VCCNR - is a unique server on the VCMP platform due to its roleplay makeover under a highly dominated Death Match based community. In VCCNR you can play as a civilian, robber or a cop. Civilians tend to abide by the law and perform various jobs, including - but not limited to - driving an Uber, collecting trash from throughout the map, delivering food to checkpoints, etc. Civilians can rob shops which have a ($) pick-up near it to get a wanted level and earn cash. They are then eligible to be arrested by cops. Upon earning a set number of robskills and copskills players unlock various perks such as the ability to form a crew, rob the bank, riding the sea sparrow, for robbers whilst cops can join heists, their drag, cuff and pop radius increases. They unlock the hunter too. Players can buy a varsity of vehicles, houses and businesses using the money they earn. There are also many more features within the server waiting to be discovered by you.

September 11, 2021, 10:32:24 pm by Xmair | Views: 1002 | Comments: 0


This topic is about the forum.

Previously, VCCNR'#039s forum was based on Invision and due to the forum being shifted to Simple Machine Forums (SMF) it is with utmost regret but due to a few technical difficulties all of...
September 05, 2021, 03:45:22 pm by Jokah
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List of Current Staff Members
 nbsp  nbsp Xmair
 nbsp  nbsp Jokah

 nbsp  nbsp Bapzingo

 nbsp  nbsp Harry
September 05, 2021, 02:11:19 pm by Jokah
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Keep in mind that;
  • 0 Stars = Civilian/Unwanted - Yellow
  • 1-5 Stars = Robber/Wanted - Orange
  • 5+ Stars = Robber/Wanted - Red
Deatchmatch is allowed in the following scenarios;
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